And How Has That all Turned Out for Canada Mr. Harper?

Stephen Harper as Canada’s Official Opposition Leader, April 2005:

The Conservative Party wants to give this country direction. We want, and we believe you want, to end corruption and restore honest financial management; to have a health-care system that Canadians can count on when they need it; to better use the talents and credentials of new Canadians; to fix the fiscal imbalance plaguing our provinces and municipalities; to act on a made-in-Canada plan for cleaner air, water and land; to help our hard-pressed agricultural community and resource sectors; to give tax relief for Canadian families; and safety and security for our streets and our communities.



The Prime Minister At Times Incurs Expenses That Are Best Paid By The Party

An incredible head-shaker uncovered by CBC News. One of those headlines than makes you squint and read it three times.

This has the potential to make the Sponsorship Scandal, which helped elect “accountable” Stephen Harper, look like an accounting error.

Where did the money come from? Where did this money go? Could it have been associated with other known breaches of trust?

And if true, I will be accepting lots of apologies from readers who disliked my positions that Mr. Harper and his group had anything “hidden” at all.

How will the National Post spin this one for the team?