About The Wary Lemming


Thank you for reading The Wary Lemming!

You’ll find no intentional political agenda here. No spin, no deception, no soap box. I look at facts from every source possible and I try to highlight those facts amid a world where there is a constant effort to herd us all in one direction. If I ever end up sounding otherwise, I apologize.  But you have to know, I try to always say it like it is.  Like it really is…

I have readers from every possible walk of life, political ideal and tax bracket. And I value you all equally. Each and every one of you has a friend here.

It is my nature question everything I am told.  Whether that be from sources I trust or sources of which I am Wary. If I am told something is square, I want to know why it is square. I want to know who told my source it was square. Who are they and why are they talking about squares?

I don’t work for a media organization, political party or PR firm. I am not a politician, consultant or activist. None of the above. Not even close. I do not have an axe to grind, a cross to bear or a fish to fry. I am simply tired of watching the show and not liking the commercials.

There is no advertising on the site, although I have been approached.  Given what I have written above, you can see my reluctance to allow third parties to target you even more. Perhaps one day it will be necessary, but rest assured, I will be incredibly particular about what appears on these pages.

Speaking of those pages, I do not edit what was written and published, except to occasionally fix the result of my poor typing skills or much corrected “sense of grammar”.

If I need to add information or offer an addendum, you will see a big “UPDATE” below the post in question, followed by the new information.

And I write when I can, not feeling the pressure to fill content very single day to push page views.  That’s a big game that waters down thoughtful discourse. I won’t be part of it.

When I feel the urge to point out the cliff ahead, I will.


Technical stuff

The blog uses WordPress and the excellent MarsEdit program on a MacBook Pro. Stats are watched using Mint and , Google Analytics.

The website is hosted by JavaBean Hosting, which I highly recommend.