Buyers flock to gun stores in Colorado after rampage

The Denver Post reports:

“Background checks for people wanting to buy guns in Colorado jumped more than 41 percent after Friday morning’s shooting at an Aurora movie theater, and firearms instructors say they’re also seeing increased interest in the training required for a concealed-carry permit.”

This makes little sense, so The Wary Lemming asks: “Why?”

- The accused was alone and obviously mentally impaired.  Such occurrences are, thankfully, rare.

- The accused was wearing more body armor than the average soldier in most of the world’s armed forces.  Shooting back at him with your newly obtained Colt would not only have been pointless, but likely would have increased the number of injuries.

- Theaters are “no-weapons zones” **  and so having a defensive firearm would have been impossible.

- There are no roving, lawless armed gangs in the Denver area that I am aware of. Even if there were, it might be advisable to leave the job of cleaning them up to trained professionals.

So why in the world are otherwise thoughtful people rushing out to begin step one of the concealed weapon approval process?


Fear borne out of the absence of leadership.

It is obvious that neither President Obama nor his challenger Mitt Romney have stepped up here to tell folks it will all be ok; that they have a solution to the ever present problem of automatic-weapon enabled mass shootings; that they can find a way to make it harder for this to happen again; that they have their backs.

Because they can’t won’t.

Because in the America of today it is virtually impossible to stop an event like this from happening.  Because it requires a total re-assessment of guns, gun laws, societal priorities, and the role of ever present lobbyists and lobbying groups like the NRA. Because it requires a political will. Because it requires a sober assessment of the Second Amendment.  Because it requires leadership.

Both of these men could do it.  Both of these men could lead.

The President could vow to do something, NRA be damned. He could make it an election year rallying cry.  Romney could talk of his own gun control laws in Massachusetts, instead of running away from them like he does with his health care history, pollsters be damned.

Both of these men could summon up the courage it takes to lead. And, in doing so, by simply showing leadership, we would all feel a bit safer. Because that’s what good leaders give a country.  The comfort of knowing that the boss has your back.

I really hope that a follow up story emerges in several months showing that the majority of those who initiated this process took a deep breath and did not then purchase the actual pistol.

If not, this is one herd a Wary Lemming ought not to follow.


** Do we REALLY have places designated as “no-weapons zones”? Wow.