Canada’s National Post Deliberately Misleads Readers, Betrays Public Trust

Readers of these pages will know that I have a long history of calling out misleading news organizations.  In fact, it is one of the reasons this site exists.

Therefore, you will also know that Canada’s National Post is without doubt, the most biased and misleading major news organization in Canada.

Their most recent disservice to readers comes from a usual source for them – climate change.

Let me lay this out for you.

  • The report gets picked up by major news organizations.
  • Despite the report being simply an analysis of temperature and precipitation, there is a logical progression in the reporting about climate change and the use of this data to add another piece to that puzzle.

Over at the National Post, they ignore the story entirely.

Now, if they choose to ignore the story, so be it. No surprise there.

But instead, in true National Post fashion, they go out and find another story in an attempt to lessen the impact of this other factual report that they are ignoring.


“Global warming hasn’t stopped, but it has stalled, says new prediction from British national weather service”

And the first sentence in Joseph Brean’s “article”:

“Global warming has stalled and will not raise world temperatures over the next five years, according to a new prediction from the British national weather service”

And then Brean goes on to totally skew the findings for his own agenda.

Why do I say this?

Well first, there is a much more factual reporting of the findings from the BBC that includes more balance in the assessment of what is simply a new computer model prediction. (This of course, is how real reporting is supposed to work..)

Second, the National Post “article” goes on to spend most of its time quoting two well known climate change experts skeptics, Ross McKitrick and Bruce Pardy.  Both have strong ties to organizations who receive their funding from the Koch Foundation and Exxon Mobile, not to mention right wing think-tanks like the Fraser Institute.

Add these dubious associations to the fact that one is an economist and the other a law professor and they have zero credibility.

Worse, no opposing viewpoint is offered for balance.

This tactic is almost and exact blueprint of their behaviour previously.

Mr. Brean even has the nerve to state that McKitrick “…was instrumental in debunking the famous “hockey stick” graph of rising global temperatures.”

Oh dear…

The graph was not debunked.  It was eventually upheld as the best science available at the time, despite some obvious concerns.  Michael Mann’s research was, for the most part, validated and eventually some of his critics, discredited.

To say otherwise floats dangerously close to deliberate, false reporting.

And that is a new low, even for the National Post.

Look, you simply MUST be able to trust your news source and unfortunately for Canadians, the National Post continues to betray the public trust.

They do not deserve your time, money or support.



Seems the editors at the National Post have decided to double down on the headline to their story:

“Experts cool on global warming: Weather office cuts temperature predictions by 20% in ‘return to humility’”

Gee, that is so much better…