Did Beth Myers Leak Romney VP Shortlist on Twitter?

Buried among the rubble of Mitt Romney’s visit to the UK is a small discovery courtesy of CNN.

Apparently, Beth Myers, the only other person to know who may be on the list as Romney’s VP pick other than Mitt himself, has been tweeting. As CNN reports, she tweeted the twitter usernames of each and every Republican alive person speculated to be under consideration for the nod.


Well, the first possibility is that perhaps she is not very tweet-saavy. After all, this is only the second and third tweet of her life.

But then again, she used the #FF command, meant to have her followers follow these other users. Even I didn’t know of that one. And again, these were only her second and third tweet ever.

Was her account was hijacked? Nope. The campaign has confirmed these were official.

It was obviously deliberate. And I don’t even think she did it herself.

So again, why?


The campaign is currently in disarray.

Mitt was on the rails in the UK, fueled in large part by Twitter, and this was meant to deflect some of the twitter cycle in another direction – if it gets noticed.

An added bonus is that if the mainstream media picks up on it, making it news, then the campaign could guage reaction to the more serious names on the list.

If it gets missed in the barrage of tweets for the day, no big deal. No harm done.

With regard to that list, all it was missing was Santa Claus and Ron Paul.

Santorum? Gingrich? No chance. Rice? Rubio? You betcha.

In my next post, I will tell you why one of them should not be considered at all, meaning they are probably at the very, very top of the list.


UPDATE: It also occurs to me that this is a list of high profile Republicans who have endorsed Romney. Nice way to remind the twitter-verse of this “solidarity” on a day when news outlets around the world were quoting other high profile Republicans who were calling his trip a mess. (Still explains why Santa and Ron were left off the list…)