NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Proclaims No New Gun Laws – Ever

Now that the control of semi-automatic weapons appears all but dead in the current US gun debate, NRA chief Wayne LaPierre has proclaimed that there should be “no new gun laws” whatsoever.

As if inexplicably changing his mind on universal background checks wasn’t enough, (having previously embraced them wholeheartedly) Mr. LaPierre even defended the NRA’s controversial TV ad referencing President Obama’s children when challenged by Fox’s Chris Wallace. (One of the dumbest ads ever unloaded upon the public)

Since this organization has a mere 4.5 million members, one must ask a very serious question:  why does his opinion matter?

Why does this one, small group hold such sway over American public safety?

Why does Mr. LaPierre and his administration ignore the sentiment of even his own members employers?

And why do US voters continue to allow their elected officials in Congress to cower from such a small, albeit vocal minority?

It’s time to answer these questions in a factual, clear and honest manner.

Before it is too late.