Rob Portman His Gay Son And The Problem With Being Conservative

I ponder this question a lot.  Why do conservatives think the way they do?

Are they selfish? Uncaring? Unthinking? Or simply ideologically afraid of progress?  If the latter, is it for one of the former reasons?

Then along comes a story that allows the light bulb to go off.

Ohio Senator Rob Portman has taken the extraordinary step of announcing he supports gay marriage.   After years of voting against it, he has had a change of heart.


Because his son is gay.

According to CNN, he’s known about his son’s sexuality for some time, having told the Romney campaign when they were considering him as a VP candidate.  Senator Portman took the time to assess his pervious beliefs on marriage, reached out to others in similar situations like Dick Cheney and has put his son first, above morality politics.

So I applaud Senator Portman for taking the time to think this through and have the courage to actually invite CNN in to his office to make his support for equality public.

But it highlights the real issue I have with the conservative politics of today.

It is hypocritical.  Against things, sometimes vehemently, unless it impacts them personally.

Or, as in the case of Marco Rubio, against government spending years after receiving the benefit of student loans. Read his State Of The Union response for this and other absolute head shakers.  It’s the “I’ve got mine already” syndrome so prevalent in conservative culture these days.

The hypocrisy is appalling.

Bravo Senator Portman, for putting your family above morality politics.

Perhaps you and your colleagues can put someone else’s needs above it as well, even though it doesn’t impact you personally.  Whether it is Student Loans, Medicare, Medicaid, Education or Social Security. The list of things that help those less fortunate – things that you oppose – is endless.

Perhaps then you might appeal to a larger spectrum of the American electorate.

Until then, I have the answer to my question.

All of the above.