Spineless US Senate Votes Down Gun Bill, Shames Newtown Victims

President Obama said it best “All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington”.


In order to save their own reelection bids in 2014, cowardly US Senators turned their backs on every single watered down piece of gun legislation before them.

Every single one.

In doing so, they thumbed their noses at the children of Newtown all the while protecting huge sums of money donated from the gun lobby to their campaigns in 2014. All the while making sure the ridiculously powerful NRA didn’t find another candidate to run against them.

Every single Senator who voted against this is a disgrace to the United States. They ignored poles indicating 80 to 90 percent support for universal background checks. They ignored the will of the people.

With leaders like this, who needs enemies?

Oh wait, we’ve seen the enemy. And it is us.



To make matters worse, some quick math seems to indicate that the Senators who killed this legislation only represent 26% of the population.

Democracy indeed…