The God The Democrats Forgot

If you get your news from certain sources, you have probably been shocked to find out that Democrats in Charlotte apparently boo God. (For clarification, yes, this is the Christian God to which I am referring)

Over at The Drudge Report, the large font headline was:

“THEY BOOED PUTTING GOD BACK!” – in all caps red print. (he saves the red for special occasions)

In addition to that, Matt also included above-the-headline links that said:

DNC Rams ‘God’ and Jerusalem Back into Platform…”
“Delegates at convention boo, hiss, jeer…”

Fox, while not as misleading as Drudge, was a close second, with Bill O’Reilly absolutely basking in the glow of the “loony left wingers” on display in Charlotte. Bill can marry disdain and sarcasm like no other…

The Washington Times summed it up this way:

“The White House scrambled Wednesday to alter the Democrats’ party platform after they adopted a version that left out references to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

So what in the world happened?

At the opening gavel of the Wednesday evening edition of the Democratic National Convention, the party had to resort to a voice vote to amend the party platform. Why?

Because this year’s version had left out a reference to “God” and did not affirm Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Both such references were there in 2008 and so far, there has been no explanation as to why it was missing this time.

I won’t pass judgement on the benefit of either statement being part of a party platform during a domestic election campaign, but it does offer an opportunity to highlight a few other items of interest and concern.

First of all, while the hall was in disagreement, it is important to point out that it was also nearly empty. Check out the footage for yourself. Yes, there were plenty of boos and yes, plenty of people voted against it. But we don’t have a clue to which item each of those people reacted negatively.

And again, the place was nearly empty at the time, and I am pointing it out simply to let you know that there were not 20,000 Democrats divided on the floor. (if there were 2000 taking part, I would be surprised)

The real elephant in the room is the omission in the first place. Who thought this was a good idea?

One can hardly suppose that this party wishes to abandon Israel after year and years and years of consistent US policy on Jerusalem. And, nobody with any sense whatsoever would think that on a night featuring Sister Simone Campbell at the podium, the DNC finally found God.

It has been well sourced that when President Obama learned of the omission of the Israel/Jerusalem confirmation, he personally intervened and had it added. His reaction to the God omission was complete and utter surprise, asking “why was it removed in the first place?”. (From this, one can glean that he was not micromanaging the platform specifics)

Therefore, it would be unfair for those on the right to pin this on Mr.Obama after they were quite adamant that Mr.Romney had his hands off the GOP platform. Remember, this year’s Republican platform wishes to ban abortions for rapes of any kind and even if the mother’s health is in jeopardy. (Yes, this legitimizes Mr. Akin…)

So, if they allow Mr.Romney to distance himself from his own platform, it would not be acceptable to expect President Obama to be pinned to his. And I would caution them against it, because at least Mr. Obama got involved and fixed it.

It also offered a very fascinating insight to what political convention could be. Actual policy being debated on the floor! Raw democracy in action! Disagreement and intrigue! Booing!

You have to admit, after the loose factual points and scripted puffery that disappointed in Tampa, being reminded that democracy is a hands on thing, full of disagreement and opposing viewpoints was quite refreshing.

And those folks that booed? They are completely entitled to their views, just like the Todd Akin gang at the RNC. Take a stand, popular or unpopular, wrong or right, but at least you are in the game.

Sadly, for those of us interested in that spirited debate and honest assessment, that mood was short lived thanks to Matt Drudge, Bill O’Reilly and the whole right wing news machine.

To them, division trumps debate and partisanship tops policy.

Perhaps it is time we “omitted” them, and joined the floor ourselves.