Then, Two Hundred Years Later…

Timely opinion piece by one of my favorite Esquire Magazine columnists, Stephen Marche , for Bloomberg today.

Marche wades in to the current US debate on Obamacare and the economy with a laundry list of economic indicators comparing Canada and the US, including the following little tidbit:

“Since the 1990s, Canada has pursued a hardheaded (even ruthless), fiscally conservative form of socialism.”

And my favorite favourite:

“Social programs and robust capitalism are not, as so many would have you believe, inherently opposed propositions. Both are required for meaningful national prosperity.”

Brilliant. That describes Canada perfectly. Better than I ever could have, and believe me, I’ve tried:

Socially liberal, fiscally conservative.  Balance achieved.

Despite a wide range of differing political views, social safety net programs in Canada are a source of pride to Canadians and are therefore a national priority for governments. And, yes, you can find a way to pay for them.

Be sure to check out the comment section below his article.  Hard-headed indeed!