Wait! Maybe It Is Mitt Romney Who is Reading The Wary Lemming…

RCP notes that Mitt Romney has taken time from his Olympic photo op  UK blunder tour to espouse his thoughts on leadership.

How timely given my recent thoughts on that exact topic…

Mitt mentions how he needed to work with Massachusetts Democrats during his time as Governor and laments the current lack of cooperation in Washington.

How long before we hear “I’m a uniter, not a divider” with a Texas drawl for good measure?

The playbook needs some updatin’ boys.

“It’s time to have leadership that will put aside Republican and par– and– and Democrat, and instead focus on what’s necessary for the nation.”

My inner Kreskin is thinking that he was about to say “Republican and partisanship”, which would be quite fitting.

Apparently however, Mitt will need to arrive in Washington first, before he can display his bi-partisan, “leadership-y” side.  He certainly showed in his UK visit that he’s not quite ready to show it off just yet…

Perhaps he should send this new doctrine out as a memo to those fine Republicans in Congress, who almost ran the country out of money last summer for purely partisan reasons. Those fine Republicans in Congress who have blocked Democrats (read: Obama) from passing almost any meaningful legislation whatsoever for purely partisan reasons. Those fine Republicans in Congress who put partisanship, politics and hard-line ideology ahead of country, ahead of progress, ahead of prudence.

Now THAT would be an exhibit of leadership.